Our Story

Located in Coos Bay, Oregon, we have been working on Jeeps for the past 24 years. It all started when my friend bought a stock 1952 M38 during our senior year of high school.

My first Jeep was a $50 wrecking yard cast off. I worked to fix the broken frame and rusty body, add full width axles and a V6 engine. Before long, I parted it out.

My second Jeep was about a 1948 CJ2A with a hood scoop made out of a metal hard hat. I wish I still had that hood! The frame was solid but the body was garbage so swapped it out for the cherry (at the time) M38 body. The tired F-head was swapped out for a 231 Buick V6. I finally had a Jeep that was worthy to drive and wheel.

Around the same time my dad (Steve) and my brother (Andy) also got the Jeep bug. They both wanted original Jeeps, and soon we were restoring a CJ3B for Steve and a CJ2A for Andy.

In 2005, we were approached by a gentleman from California to restore his 1947 CJ2A. He had owned it since 1965. At that point, we were just doing it for fun. It never occurred that we could have fun and make money, too. Before long, we had done our first show-quality restoration for a customer. The rest is history.

In 2018, Andy purchased a very rusty CJ3B from down the coast in Gold Beach, Oregon. That purchase started the Year of Jeeps. Steve was running all over Oregon snatching up every cheap Jeep he could get his hands on. In all, we’ve owned 12. That we can remember.

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